Agata Ingarden

born 1994, Karkow, Poland

lives in Paris



2013 - 2018 . École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, atelier Michel François and P2F (Pifaretti + Fanchon + Figarella)

2016 . Cooper Union School of Art, New York




Connecting Vessels - curated by Anna Lebensztejn and Kinga Olesiejuk Galeria Bunkier Sztuki - Cracow, Poland

Canard au Sans - curated by Marie Madec -Sans Titre (2016), Paris

Le Laboratoire - curated by Marie Madec and Lucie Sotty - Sans Titre(2016), Marseille, France

Scientific Romance - curated by Beatriz Ortega and Alberto Vallejo - Yaby, Madrid, Spain

Sweaty Hands - solo exhibition - Exo Exo , Paris

Switchers 3 - The Air Biennale - curated by Robert Brambora and Marie Madec, Paris

Laurel, cocurated by Laurence Dujardyn, Tatiana Kronberg, Rosie Motley, Brooklyn, New York

Room for learning, curated by Kalle Wadzinski, Gabe Rodriguez-Fuller, 41 Cooper Sq, New York City

BATHROOM/BATHHOUSE, MX gallery, 167 canal street, New York - with Irina Jasnowski Pasqual -



today I brushed my teeth, Cooper Union, New York

A Thousand Friends (part 2), curated by Elisa Rigoulet, New Jörg, Vienna, Austria

Il s’est passé quelques choses, curated by Eloi Boucher, PPROMOTION, Paris

Wroclaw // Capitale Européene de la Culture 2016, La Galerie du Crous, Paris

BYE BYE MARBLE, duo show with Sophie Varin, - Atelier Michel Francois, Beaux Arts de Paris

it smells like iron, ensba, Paris

Outer Market. History in motion, curated by Samuel Boutruche, Francesca Napoli, Ada Kai-Ting Yang, Maison James, Paris



Grande Bouffe - fun foods & great spirits, curated by Loup Sarion - invited by Arnaud Deschin, YIA Art Fair at Bastille Design Center, Paris

B (we can extend the size of your title),Rectangle + De La Charge, curated by Michel François - Brussels, Belgium



Atelier Michel François, proposition of Francois Piron, ENSBA, Paris





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