Agata Ingarden

born 1994, Karkow, Poland

lives in Paris



2013 - 2018 . École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, atelier Michel François and P2F (Pifaretti + Fanchon + Figarella)

2016 . Cooper Union School of Art, New York




Heartache, Soft Opening, London, UK



Cheek to the Cliff, Love Unlimited, Glasgow, UK

Skunk Hour/Like Mushrooms after rain, solo exhibition, curated by Arkadiusz Półtorak, Gastatelier Leo XIII, Tilburg, Netherlands

Dom, solo exhibition, Piktogram Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts, Les lauréats 2018, Agnès B., Paris, France

Green is the coolest colour, on invitation of Romain Vicari, curated by Luiza aVnelli Shmidt, Houloc, Paris, France

Material Narratives: Get it While It’s Hot, curated by Margueritte Kruger and Lucie Touroul, DOC, Paris, France

New Work Part II: Material, The COB Gallery, London, UK

The House, Master Degree Show, Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris, France

Chambre 10, Sans Titre(2016), Hôtel La Louisiane, Paris, France

Lovely Days, LaPaix, Paris, France



Connecting Vessels - curated by Anna Lebensztejn and Kinga Olesiejuk Galeria Bunkier Sztuki - Cracow, Poland

Canard au Sans - curated by Marie Madec -Sans Titre (2016), Paris

Le Laboratoire - curated by Marie Madec and Lucie Sotty - Sans Titre(2016), Marseille, France

Scientific Romance - curated by Beatriz Ortega and Alberto Vallejo - Yaby, Madrid, Spain

Sweaty Hands - solo exhibition - Exo Exo , Paris

Switchers 3 - The Air Biennale - curated by Robert Brambora and Marie Madec, Paris

Laurel, cocurated by Laurence Dujardyn, Tatiana Kronberg, Rosie Motley, Brooklyn, New York

Room for learning, curated by Kalle Wadzinski, Gabe Rodriguez-Fuller, 41 Cooper Sq, New York City

BATHROOM/BATHHOUSE, MX gallery, 167 canal street, New York - with Irina Jasnowski Pasqual -



today I brushed my teeth, Cooper Union, New York

A Thousand Friends (part 2), curated by Elisa Rigoulet, New Jörg, Vienna, Austria

Il s’est passé quelques choses, curated by Eloi Boucher, PPROMOTION, Paris

Wroclaw // Capitale Européene de la Culture 2016, La Galerie du Crous, Paris

BYE BYE MARBLE, duo show with Sophie Varin, - Atelier Michel Francois, Beaux Arts de Paris

it smells like iron, ensba, Paris

Outer Market. History in motion, curated by Samuel Boutruche, Francesca Napoli, Ada Kai-Ting Yang, Maison James, Paris



Grande Bouffe - fun foods & great spirits, curated by Loup Sarion - invited by Arnaud Deschin, YIA Art Fair at Bastille Design Center, Paris

B (we can extend the size of your title),Rectangle + De La Charge, curated by Michel François - Brussels, Belgium



Atelier Michel François, proposition of Francois Piron, ENSBA, Paris





daily lazy

novembre magazine


magazyn szum





Villa Belleville, Paris, France

Leo XIII Gastatelier, Tilburg, Netherlands