The Solstice, (Bomba Fragola)
2019, part of Five fingers, sixth hand, collaborative show with Delphine Mouly, Alienze, Lausanne, CH
bee wax, metallic mesh sew with copperwire, uv lightbulb, electric cord, silicone

The Solstice, (Bomba Fragola)
2019, detail

double sided mirror, coated steel, glass vase, alcohol, table, salt

2019, solo exhibition, Berthold Pott Gallery, Cologne, DE

Like mushrooms after rain
2019,coated metal, carbonized sugar, oystershells, acoustic foam crystilized in salt, salt, food pigment, oystershells, doublesided mirror

Dragonfly’s Dream
2019, wood, coated steel, cherrywood, double sided mirror


Lightning III and VII
2019, redwood, coated steel, doublesided mirror

2019, coated steel, oyster shells, carbonized sugar, silicone, copper wires

2019, solo exhibition at Soft Opening Gallery, London, UK

The House
2018, solo exhibition DNSAP Beaux Arts de Paris

The House
2018, ceramics, sound installation, video, coated metal, acoustic foam and butter- flies crystalized in salt

The Screen
2018, coated metal, acoustic foam and butterflies crystalized in salt

The Mirror I
2018, detail

The Moth
2018, glazed seramics, sound system

The Arm
2018, still shot from video, 4’41m, HD, sound

The Eyes
2018, still shot from video, 4’27m, HD, sound

Sweaty hands, 2017 . EXO EXO. Paris

2017 . exhibition with Irina Jasnowski . MX Gallery . New York

Heat Pipe 1
2017 . caramel, coated steel, copper wires

Mates - still alive ( crabs in the tank )
2017 . fish tank, water, aluminium, copper

Concrete chair 1, 2
2017 . concrete, metal rebar

sticky surveillance
2016 . installation view at The Cooper Union . round elevator, steel, caramel, copper wires, carpet

Still alive - mates
2016 . installation view at The Cooper Union . rooftop, horseshoe crabs casts, sand, aluminium, copper

it smells like iron
2016 . steel, water contaminated with rust, video, resin, ceramics, concrete, sound system

The Antidote 2
2016 . epoxy resin, steel, chicken wire, cables, wasps . 73 x 57 x 7 cm



2016 . ceramic . 140 x 40 x 55 cm

hanging on a string (Cosmos)
2015 . steel, screen, video 21 min . 210 x 50 x 50 cm

the era of car is over (experiment in Krakow, Poland)
2013 . poster . 300 x 400 cm

Mercedes V6 Engine
2014 . sandstone . 60 x 50 x 50 cm